Born in 1959, Ella immigrated to Israel from Lithuania in 1978. She worked as a part-time hospital nurse and practiced making sculptures in her free time. Thirty years later, Ella realized that she could no longer subdue an unbridled passion for creation and for self-expression, and decided to devote her life to creating sculptures full time

Ella’s art reflects a great sense of compassion that she cultivated during her many years of work as a nurse. With gentle and precise fingers that have healed thousands of patients, Ella sculpts in a unique style that has earned her the title of one of the world’s most prominent artists in the field of mesh sculpturing. Viewers are often tempted to touch the molded iron, stunned by the provocative quality expressed in her work – teasing contrasts of transparency versus opacity, elasticity versus rigidity, tangible shapes versus an elusive concept – sheer beauty that makes people stop and stare.

Ella’s sculptures fill the air with fanciful feelings that only fine art can illicit. Her artworks express hidden passions that can be described as “invasive,” as the exquisite details of her mesh sculptures infiltrate the heart of it's observers. Ella's artwork is renowned and appreciated by people worldwide. Her sculptures are exhibited in galleries, public spaces and in highly acclaimed exhibitions.