• We are a group of galleries specializing in contemporary art. We are known for exhibiting exclusive, innovative art from internationally acclaimed and emerging artists.


    We have three galleries totaling over 10,000 square feet of exhibition space. Our first gallery opened at 239 Grant Ave., the second in the lobby of The Fairmont Hotel at the top of Nob Hill and the third, our 5 story flagship gallery, at 315 Grant Ave. in the heart of Union Square’s shopping district.





    Gefen Fine Art is dedicated to curating and exhibiting contemporary works of established artists from around the world as well as nurturing and supporting our emerging artists. Our artists are all renowned for their art and work in a variety of media, from painting to sculpture. We select artists revered for their high- quality work and their tireless dedication to their art. Our Gallery embodies this same work ethic and thus has been at the forefront of the art scene since its inception. This is largely due to our roster of internationally acclaimed and emerging artists including Julien Marinetti, Patrick Rubinstein, Craig Alan, David Hollier, and Joel Amit, among others.





    Effi Shoua is an internationally known art dealer and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the art world. He is often called upon for his vast knowledge and dedication to curate private exhibitions and collections for our clientele around the world. He has managed to put together a knowledgeable and passionate team to help share his vision.





    Whether established or new to collecting art, we offer our clients the opportunity to use our knowledge and connections to discover, acquire and curate artworks for their homes and businesses





    Certificates of Authenticity
    Worldwide shipping
    On-site consultations and digital renderings Analysis of floor plans and project management Local delivery and installations
    Private and corporate events