Nirit Aharoni’s latest body of work is a vividly arresting series featuring vibrant portraits of world icons such as Frida Khalo. She creates her works using the brushed aluminum technique, a unique process akin to printmaking. 

Nirit Aharoni is a video artist, painter and photographer whose works have been displayed in many exhibitions over the years. Her preoccupation with women and femininity began with her documentary film "Strung Out" which won the directing prize at the International Film Festival in Jerusalem for 2015. 


The film also won an outstanding prize at a women's festival in Paris and is expected to participate in other festivals around the world. The artist's photographic work is defined as dark, reflecting the balance of power between weakness and power, and provoking a discussion of the place and identity of women in contemporary society and culture, the yearning for belonging and self-determination.

Installation shots