Zacharie Vidal

  • Zacharie Vidal, Ferarri
    Zacharie Vidal
    Mixed Media
    56 x 39 inches
    140 x 100 cm
  • Zacharie Vidal, Scrooge McDuck
    Zacharie Vidal
    Scrooge McDuck
    Mixed Media
    48 x 48 inches
    120 x 120 cm
Vidal uses 24k gold-plated coins to create the background and a layer of hand-cut acrylic to create the positive space of the imagery. He finishes each piece with a loosely poured resin seal, leaving the pieces with a highly glossed and glaring result.

Zacharie Vidal, born in 1981 in Lège Cap-Ferret on the Arcachon basin, has always been a creative without limits. As a child, drawing and painting were his favorite hobbies and this deep-rooted passion has never left him. His universe is vast and varied, his creative techniques are his own. His workshop is a testament to advanced know-how over many years of practice and development. His technical research gives birth to unique, original and authentic works.


His work is based on the technique of inclusion. All the frames are made to measure. His creations are paintings and sculptures, or even hybrid creations. His work surprises with their technicalities and their aesthetic qualities: this process of creation is for him an essential factor for his development as a contemporary artist. At the age of 36, this self-taught artist demonstrates an inexhaustible inspiration.


His work is created using golden coins to create the background and then an acrylic layer cut to form the negative space of the imagery. Each piece is sealed in a beautiful glossy resin.