• George Rollinson, George Rollo Collection
    George Rollinson
    George Rollo Collection
    Oil on Canvas
    16 x 16 inches
    40 x 40 cm

Born in Leeds, London, 20 year old George Rollo is making a name for himself in the art world. He has been compared to the likes of Alec Monopoly, Mister E and Bansky. He started drawing at the age of 8, recreating the cartoon characters he watched on the television. At the tender age of, 13 he was being commissioned to paint murals on the walls of bedrooms all around London.


By the time he was 15, Rollo knew that art was his ultimate passionate and what he aspired to do with his life. Enrolling in University to study art, he thought his school's program was what he needed in order to establish and mature his style; just shy of graduating, he quit University. George realized that his art came from his soul, and a degree was not going to define him as an artist. His journey from primary school's Crayolas to the individual style he has developed today has taken his artwork from those early bedroom murals to the collections of some of the most influential names in the music world.


His art is now collected by Pia Mia, members of Drake’s OctobersVeryOwn, Kid Ink, and Tyga. He has also collaborated with some of fashions biggest names on bespoke items that have gone to collectors in Dubai, Paris, New York, Tokyo and more.

Installation shots
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