A trail blazer in new art movement Pop Nouveau, Georges Monfils describes his approach, “Pop Nouveau is bombastic, a baroque style that is rounded yet bold. It is a utilitarian process that takes the opposite approach to factory pop. I’m working long hours in isolation building unique works never seen by the world. Instead of worshiping materialists I use materials to build.” – Georges Monfils

Born in 1960 in Wilrijk, Belgium, Georges Monfils was raised in Flemish Belgium and Northern France. He later migrated to the New York City in 1978, where he was confronted with the explosive pop art movement, which contrasted greatly with the quaint, small historic French village he grew up in.


The most recent series of hand-cut vinyl record sculptures displays Monfils’ iconic Neauveu Pop style: a stark departure from the mass produced, factory pop world into a radical, avant-garde haven where true originality is born. Monfils focuses on sculpting universal pop culture icons that are instantly recognizable to all, while simultaneously invoking a sense of wonder and curiosity about how they are constructed. Monfils fearlessly pushes boundaries in his art, igniting his viewers to feel passion and lust for life.


Monfils has exhibited in France, Belgium, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United States. He has had numerous solo exhibitions and is featured in several private and corporate collections around the world.


Installation shots