By expressing a unique perspective of urban life, her collages of cities around the world has won her an exclusive style, which is admired and loved by art collectors all over the world.

Dganit Blechner was born in 1957 in Tel Aviv, Israel, where she studied at the Camera Obscura College of Visual Art. She later went on to study at the Avni Institue of Arts in Jaffa, and the Ramat-Gan College for the Arts in Israel. Dganit Blechner works and lives with her family in Tel Aviv and her artwork can be seen in private collections and galleries all over the world. She is recognized for using vivid, bright, and cheerful color palettes in her artwork.


Often her work is inspired by characters and celebrities whose memory transcend time. From Mickey Mouse to Audrey Hepburn, every viewer will instantly recognize the famous personality depicted in her artwork.


By depicting a unique perspective of urban life, her collages of major cities have attracted attention and admiration from art collectors worldwide. Dganit is also among the first artists to integrate video art into her traditional mixed media artworks. 


A variety of techniques are utilized to create her artwork, including printing on unique media like fabric, and composing complex laser-cuts on wood and fabric - all with her personal touch. Dganit's most recent artworks are created by collaging layers of images and paint. In these pieces, distinctions between texture and image melt away into vivid scenes. The loose and painterly nature of her brushstrokes are achieved without the use of brushes. After collaging her images onto a canvas, Blechner dawns a simple pair of rubber gloves and takes finger painting to the next level, blending abstract smears of color and loose drippings of paint with crisp images. 

Installation shots